Board of Trustees

H. TRUE, president                               

Informatics and Mathematical Modelling

Richard Petersens Plads 321                  

Technical University of Denmark                         

DK-2800 Lyngby                                  


M. Valasek, secretary general

Institute of Mechanics

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Czech Technical University in Prague

Technicka 4

166 07 Praha 6, Czech Republic                                                           

T. GORDON, 1st vice president             

Head of School of Engineering          

University of Lincoln

Brayford Pool LN6 7TS


 S.D. IWNICKI, treasurer

          Director of the Institute of Railway Research

          School of Computing and Engineering

          University of Huddersfield, Queensgate

          Huddersfield HD1 3DH



S. BRUNI, 2nd vice president 

Dept. of Mechanics

Politecnico di Milano

Campus Bovisa Sud - via La Masa 1



H. CHOLLET (France), J.R. EVANS (UK), R.D. FROEHLING (South Africa),        S. HORIUCHI (Japan), P. LUGNER (Austria), A. ORLOVA (Russia), O. POLACH (Switzerland)

Representative of IUTAM: M. Berg (Sweden) and W. O. SCHIEHLEN (Germany)



The International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics

Secretary General of IAVSD:
Prof. Michael Valasek
Dept. of Mechanics, Biomechanics and Mechatronics
FME, CTU in Prague
Technick√° 4, Praha 6, 16000, Czech Republic

Telephone: +420-224357361
Fax: +420-24358477

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Dept. of Mech., Biomech. and Mechatronics, FME, CTU in Prague

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